"There are, occasionally, people who tweet at me to tell me that I’m not as sexy as Ichabod. So, there’s no way it can never go into my head. They say, ‘Ichabod’s very sexy. Tom Mison is not.’ I’m very sorry about that." [x]

Favourite Youtubers: 4/10 → Troye Sivan (TroyeSivan18)

Nobody said it was easy series 2 was going to be this excruciatingly painful

She is life itself. She will heal the land. She is the one.”

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, I believe that wholeheartedly.

Seven Psychopaths trivia: The original script revolved heavily on the shih-tzu getting shot in the final stand-off of the film. The film boards insisted that they shouldn’t show animal cruelty and the script was changed around it. Billy also refers to this in the grave yard scene when he says “His rabbit gets away, because you can’t let the animals die in a movie. Just the women”